My fate is sealed.

So David, is it? I see by our records you received our full male to female
sex change treatment 3 weeks ago. What brings you here today?
Well, um I was wondering if maybe you could undo what you did to me?
I see, well what you are asking is highly unusual, I will see what I can do. Can you 
remove your shirt please.

Thank you. You have very nice little breasts, I don't see the problem. Are you having
some issue with the results?
Well not exactly I mean you did precisely what I asked you to do, you made
me a woman, right down to the genetic level. 
Well our procedure transforms you into the woman you would have been
born as if things had gone differently at birth. 
Ya I know all that I just, I just really want my cock back, I can't explain it 
but being female isn't what I thought it would be.
I understand, please kneel on the floor and close your eyes.

Very good David, or I guess it is Christie now. You see, this cock that I have in my hands is just 
one of the things that you chose to give up when you decided to be female. Not only does it
represent what it means to be a man it is also a symbol of power and privilege in this
society that you no longer have. I have no idea why "men" like you give up the very thing
that makes you a man but what is done is done, now please do what you do best now
and suck my cock. 

 Good girl, now let's not have a repeat of this, "I want to be a man" again nonsense, you 
were obviously born to be the little cocksucker that you have become.